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What’s New in Melbourne and Victoria 2018

What’s New in Melbourne and Victoria 2018

Unternehmen: Melbourne Convention Bureau

Named the World’s Most Liveable City for a seventh time in a row, Melbourne is on a roll ...

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How To Ace Off-Site Catering

How To Ace Off-Site Catering


Catering for events is a lucrative business and knowing how to handle any location is going to put ...

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Long night of the short films

Long night of the short films

Unternehmen: ExpoTor

David Black chats about indie short film nights While the big, classy movie mags tend to concentrate on ...

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Adam ExpoStand fabricación y montaje de stand de diseño ATM CONGRESS MADRID

Adam ExpoStand fabricación y montaje de stand de diseño ATM CONGRESS MADRID

Unternehmen: Adam ExpoStand

La empresa referente en el sector de la gestión del tráfico aéreo, Tern Systems, decidió confiar en Adam ...

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  • 5 NEW TRAVEL STARTUPS MAKING MEETINGS AND EVENTS SMARTER FOR ATTENDEES AND PLANNERS: ExpoTor connects exhibitors with suppliers, such as booth assistants, lighting services, caterers, or interpreters, etc. If you’re planning a conference or event around the world it’s not always easy to know who the best suppliers are in a particular region or who you should work with. ExpoTor at least helps you connect some of those dots.
  • 6 ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR EXHIBITORS IN 2017: ExpoTor is your best ally to pick the right partners. Finding and managing suppliers for a trade show is never an easy thing. This platform makes it easy to compare available contractors and select the one that will serve your best interest.
    The Exhibitor
  • 10 NEW STARTUPS TO PLAN YOUR NEXT EVENT: If you plan exhibitions around the world it is not always easy to find local suppliers who will help. With ExpoTor you can post your project and receive bids from individual or corporate profiles. Great idea, we all get it. What could set ExpoTor apart will be their ability to get both masses involved in participating, usually the biggest hurdle with marketplaces. It is free to use, so no drama there, go and try it.
  • ONLINE MARKETPLACE "ExpoTor" REIMAGINES TRADE SHOW CONNECTIVITY: The platform offers a myriad of benefits (...) in one digital space, ExpoTor gives participants a faster, smarter and more reliable events experience. Suppliers are able to actively attract new clients while exhibitors and event organisers can optimise investment.
    Event Industry News