Sial Paris

Sial Paris, 21.10.2018 - 25.10.2018

Sial Paris

Sial Paris is one of the biggest Food Shows in Europe and in the world.

Opening times:
Sunday to Wednesday: 9.30–18.00
Thursday: 9.30–17.00. Entry to the exhibition closes at 14.00

The exhibiting sectors:

Pet food
Cured and salted meats
Cooked pork products
Salted meats, dry goods
Other charcuterie products
Grocery and dry goods
Soups and broths
Coffee and substitutes
Food supplements
Emulsifying agents, flavourings
Additives, ingredients, processing aids
Oils, margarines, edible fats
Pulses and dehydrated vegetables
Dry pasta
Breakfast products
Dehydrated ready-to-eat meals
Rice, semolina, couscous, maize and derived foods
Dehydrated sauces
Salt, pepper, spices, seasonings
Tea, herbal teas/plants for infusion
Vinegar, pickles, sauces
Other grocery products

Fruit and vegetables
Fresh vacuum-packed fruits and vegetables
Cooked vacuum-packed fruits and vegetables
Frozen fruits and vegetables
Tinned and preserved fruits and vegetables
Dried and dehydrated fruits
Potatoes, starches, oil-bearing fruits/oilseeds

Flowers, bulbs
Potted and green plants
Seeds and seedlings
Fish, molluscs and shellfish

Semi-preserved fish and molluscs
Other products: snails, frogs, etc.

Dairy products and eggs
Milk, butter, cream
Yoghurts, milk desserts
Ice creams and sorbets
Fine bakery, pastry and confectionery

Biscuits, cakes and pastries
Crackers for aperitifs
Cereals and sweet snacks
Confectionery, crystallised fruits, marrons glacés
Desserts, mousses and entremets/puddings
Honeys and honey derivatives
Fine bakery products and toasted breads
Bakery products and viennoiserie
Sugar, artificial sweeteners

Delicatessen products
Fresh tart pastry
Fresh pasta, ravioli, etc.
Ready-made meals
Mixed salads
Sandwiches, snacks
Other delicatessen products (antipasti, anchovy purée)
Taramasalata, guacamole, etc.

Meat and offal
Fresh tripe and offal
Wrapped fresh meats
Fresh meat carcasses
Frozen and deep frozen meats
Poultry and game
Fresh poultry
Fresh foie gras
Fresh game
Fresh rabbit
Fresh and frozen poultry

Wine and spirits
Unfortified sweet wines, aperitifs, liqueurs
Sparkling wines
Still wines
Spirits, eaux de vie/distilled alcohol drinks
Alcoholic beverages (other)
Ciders and perries
Other alcoholic beverages
Non-alcoholic beverages

Fruit drinks
Mineral water and spring water
Fruit and vegetable juices
Syrups and concentrates
Carbonated soft drinks, colas, tonic water
Other non-alcoholic beverages

Promotional agencies
Agencies, federations, institutions
Trade press and services

Education, training
Trade press
Quality, research and development
Equipment, technologies and services

Equipment and technologies
Food processes
Food store and foodservice equipment
Transport and services

Food / Beverage / Catering / Food Technology / Food Processing

Venue/location: Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, Villepinte, Frankreich

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