5 innovative ways to promote your participation in an event

5 innovative ways to promote your participation in an event

Advertising is not the same as it was thirty years ago. Customers are becoming increasingly difficult to convince and the competition that develops is increasingly atrocious. Companies should focus primarily on their advertising strategy, in order to position their product or service in the market. But the way to do it is not the same that was used until years ago because not all customers are now attracted to the information written in a brochure.

Technology came everywhere. The exhibitions of the MICE industry are events that demonstrate the most recent applications of technological products, among which are the gadgets. Many innovative tools are used to promote a unique product, and thus, captivate the customer. Some of these methods are:

1. Live streaming
The distance is no longer an impediment to not being present in the participation of an exhibitor in an event. At present, it is practically indispensable to go to streaming through YouTube or other digital platforms in order to take anywhere in the world what is happening. In doing so, the client can feel part of the movement and you will be able to convince him if he was not already.

2. Virtual reality glasses
It is becoming more frequent to see different personalities of the world being excited using virtual reality lenses. The truth is that using these products is a unique experience because it transports the existing world from one place to another. If you have enough money, you can rent virtual reality lenses and develop an advertising strategy during use, as well as being the star of the entire exhibition.

3. Use of ecological tools
It may seem to you that it disengages in this list, but it is not so. It will always be positive that companies use all kinds of ecological tools in the realization of their products and their subsequent exhibition. Knowing that it complies with environmental regulations or that everything has been developed with renewable energy makes the product more successful. Advertising campaigns can focus on this.

4. Promotions through social networks
One way to make clients feel captivated is to involve them in all the activities of the event. To assert the technology in this sense, a very simple and basic tool is to let the making of certain decisions through surveys carried out on social networks. Also, promotions can be done by this route, to reach a wider audience.

5. Automatic response robots
They are increasingly used and are a nice technological tool for those who use them. In the first instance, users can be served over the internet by a robot that has automatic programmed responses to frequently asked questions by users. These robots can also be applied to the same events of the industry MICE, and to be used as an advertising strategy.

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