5 Packing Tips For Your Next Business Trip

5 Packing Tips For Your Next Business Trip

Author: Julia H. - Company: MyD...

Begin with basics

The easiest business travelling attire is a good pantsuit. For men, bring along 1-2 quality suits and as many shirts as necessary. Women can spruce up their look by bringing a matching pantsuit and a single skirt. If you bring all black basics then you’ll have two suits from three items of clothing. Same as men, add as many shirts as will be required.

The only exception

If you know there’s a fancy client dinner or a couple more casual days in the mix of your trip then pack accordingly. Being a work trip you should always aim for smart-casual in which case even these shirts/tops/dresses will be appropriate for business in a pinch.

Limit yourself to 2 pairs of shoes

Ladies; one heeled, one flat. Men; one black, one brown. Unless you work in the fashion industry wearing the same shoes or similar looking outfits is not a business faux pas. In fact, it’s going to make you more productive by avoiding lost time on outfit decisions.

Bring carry-on only

Even if you’ve got a long trip ahead it will be 10x easier if you aren’t worried about lost luggage. Since you’ll be packing versatile outfits there shouldn’t be a need for a large suitcase.

Utilise hotel services

Do some research on where you’ll be staying before you go. Most business travel hotels have basic features like in-room wifi, printers and fax machines and laundry services. If you’re lucky there might even be conference areas where you can trade your hotel room for a fresh work environment. The laundry service is your other best friend. You can feel confident packing less clothing if you know you can have it properly cleaned.