Chances and Difficulties of Exhibiting – Examples from the Essen Motorshow

Chances and Difficulties of Exhibiting – Examples from the Essen Motorshow

The Motoshow in Essen, Germany is an event that gives many opportunities to display various products that have to do with cars and tuning equipment. In several exhibition halls, all types of exhibitors can be found. That gave us the chance to talk to them and about their experience with trade shows.

For example, an Italian exhibitor who already participated in the Motorshow several times before told us that one of the best things about exhibitions is the chance to talk directly to their customers. Since the company usually sells their products to retailers, they rarely have face-to-face contact with people who actually use and enjoy their products. But trade shows make it possible for them to get feedback on their products and to get inspiration for new inventions, which is crucial for them to develop and improve their business.
There are many reasons for exhibiting – seeking contact to your costumers is only one. Another exhibitor we talked to, this time from Germany, told us that he did it mostly because of his partners. This shows that exhibiting offers opportunities for you, even when you have a product or a concept that is hard to convey or sell at trade shows. In this case, the exhibitor is working in partnerships with companies who equip his cars (used for the entertainment sector) with tires and rims.

Exhibiting, however, also gives you many obstacles you have to face. In many cases, gadgets and printing material are a matter where it is hard to estimate how much you will be needing, even when you already know the exhibition. The Italian company solved this problem by not printing any names on it, so they could use it again for other trade fairs.
Another thing you have to consider is that sometimes, you can get into a situation where two trade fairs with the same content and aim are scheduled for the same time: The Motorshow Essen and a similar trade fair in Bologna overlapped. If that happens, you have to consider which one will bring you better opportunities to present yourself – the Italian exhibitor chose the German exhibition.
When asked about their opinion on exhibiting in general, they said that it was in no aspect a waste of money, but an enrichment for the company and its people.

Those examples show once again that exhibiting can be a great chance for companies. But it is important to plan ahead, have the right preparation and consider everything. If you need any help with organization, export or staff for your next exhibition, check out the latest offers on!

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