Do you want to travel to the future? Why you shouldn't miss CES next year?

Do you want to travel to the future? Why you shouldn't miss CES next year?

Do you want to travel to the future? You must go to CES, the biggest technological exhibition in the world

The Earth, today, means technology. There is no product or service that is manufactured today without using all kinds of technological tools. No one ever conceives a planet without electronic devices, wireless connections and millions of people working every day to improve the entire technological infrastructure of thousands of sectors. Thirty years ago, it was impossible to determine the technological impact that would be so shortly thereafter. But today you can predict tomorrow's technology.

Seeing the latest technological advances, the future is clear. Events like the CES exhibition make it possible to observe everything that is a novelty today, but in a few years, it will be part of normality. This exhibition is held since 1967 in the city of Las Vegas, United States. The exhibition is held in the first days of the year and lasts for four days. Every year, this exhibition concentrates the biggest technological innovations in the world, endorsed by the big world companies. Some characteristics of this exhibition are:

Extensive trajectory and indisputable global recognition
Although the events of the MICE industry are very many, few have the luxury of marking a worldwide trend. The CES is one of those expositions that establish what the great innovations will be and all of which are pending. Its importance is such that the interactions on Twitter on CES reached almost a million, while the live transmission by Snapchat had more than one million three hundred thousand spectators.

Importance of exhibitors and high number of visitors
Being an exhibitor at CES it’s something of global prestige. A company that attends CES, will expose the best of the best and in many opportunities, focuses its creations so that they can be exposed in this event. There were more than 184 thousand participants in the last exhibition, which represents a very high figure. Of these, approximately 110 thousand were visitors from industries and companies in the sector, while more than 67 thousand were exhibitors. In addition, this exhibition had the work of approximately 7500 journalists and media employees, who went on to narrate the event.

37 categories
Yes, there are 37 categories participating in CES in Las Vegas. That is why it is said that this fair brings together all the new technological developments in the world. There are very different areas, but all are connected by the variant of new technologies. Robotics, 3D printing, accessories, virtual reality, biometrics, education, sports, government institutions, mobile applications, robotics, sustainable cities, leisure activities and much more participate in this exhibition.

By having so many categories, CES also functions as a connector between different branches. For example, a public institution that exhibits may also seek to develop a plan to make a city sustainable, which is another area of the exhibition.

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