Flower Dayz at The Melbourne Wedding & Bridal Expo

Flower Dayz at The Melbourne Wedding & Bridal Expo

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As a floral designer, selecting the right bridal expo to showcase your work can be quite tricky. Select the wrong expo and it can end up costing your business a lot of money and time. When we selected the Melbourne Wedding and Bridal Expo, we had to take a lot of things into consideration, including:
• The date of the expo
• If we could we afford to miss out on client jobs for the weekend on the expo
• The number of potential customers expected to attend the expo
• How many other florists would be exhibiting at the show
• The location of the stand and which stands would surround our site
• What could we showcase that was trending in the market at the time of the expo
...just to name a few!

We chose the Melbourne Wedding & Bridal Expo because it went for two days and it was at the beginning of the wedding season (October). Therefore we would still get work for the coming New Year, which also meant that we could quickly recoup some of the expo costs if we secured clients. We were also able to get a reasonable-sized stand in a very central location, which meant a lot of traffic.


Creating our stand required a lot of work and research. Deciding on how much we could showcase without overwhelming potential clients, which colours to choose, which floral to include, the percentage of fresh floral vs. artificial floral and how we should organise our stand with balance, design and flow.

We decided to go with an arbor, a floral chandelier, a throne chair with flowers draped to one side, a welcome board with florals, a table setting which showcased a centrepiece arrangement and a collection of floral fascinators.
We wanted the stand to look elegant, so the placement of everything was very important.
The preparation for the stand started two weeks before the show. We started designing the artificial work in the first week and all the fresh floral work in the second week. Two days before the show was mayhem! We gave ourselves 14-hour days to make sure that we had everything and all the arrangements would be ready in time.
We also had to make sure we had all the marketing material ready - there is nothing worse than getting lots of interest at a show and then running out of marketing material!


We were really happy with the result. The brides loved what we had showcased! The floral throne and floral chandelier was a real success. Exhibiting the table setting gave the brides the opportunity to visualise it for their own wedding, or how they could adjust the display for their own needs.
The location of the stand really worked out well. We were located close to the main stage and nearby a central walkway.
This was our first show as Flower Dayz and we received an amazing reception from everyone. On the first day, we were so busy that we couldn’t keep up with all the interest!
We started getting enquires through on the Sunday evening as soon as we got home from packing down the show. This followed on for about one month. Some were good some not so good. But if you know your market, you can sift through them quite quickly. As a result of that show we booked 12 weddings for the season of 2018, so all-in-all it was a very good investment for us.

Kathleen O’Brien is the floral designer and stylist behind Flower Dayz. Flower Dayz provides clients with creative and innovative, floral-filled event spaces for all occasions.
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