GDC and Gamescom - how to gamify your booth and become successful

GDC and Gamescom - how to gamify your booth and become successful

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Not only George Bernard Shaw knew it but also the organizers of Games Developers Conference and Gamescom get it right.

Why is it not enough to just exhibit at a trade show? Exhibitors saying "I´m here to sell, not to play around" are mostly wrong. The number of events and information increased and at the same time, the attention span of the visitors sank. The audience expects from you the "unexpected" - creating surprises and gamify your presence allows you to keep the interest levels high across the show days. With the right game, you can pique curiosity and generate conversation among the booth visitors:

> create the wow-factor by "reimagining" your booth space
Introducing technology by using AR/VR could have the same positive results as having a non-tech raffle, artist, etc. in the booth. Of course, we observe that more than 80% of the visitors are attracted to stop by when e.g. an Augmented Reality game is involved.

> having the right booth design
There are some solutions whereby implementing AR/AV effects can gamify the booth atmosphere and increase the number of your leads. Some of such producers can be met at Gamescom and GDC.

> partner with local experts to ensure event success
At Gamescom, you can find the national pavilions (Spain, Italy, etc.) and connect with the event apps producers in your targeted country. Or, if you miss it, just post your request for free on ExpoTor and you will get their proposals right to your inbox. Working with locals at events can simplify your life especially when unexpected tech issues need to be fixed on the first event day.

One of the exhibitors mentioned "Connecting with our customers is very important" and one of the solutions he picked up was Click Entertainment, one of the exhibitors at Gamescom, who is saying that "Gamescom provides a great opportunity for gamers to get hands-on and gives insight into what the future holds for the industry across all formats."

Every year in March, the gamers meet in San Francisco, the tech capital in the US. Every year in the summer, Gamescom is opening the doors in August at the Messe Cologne. Some highlights from the GDC:
Daniel Holder (Ubisoft) will talk about "A New Era of Performance Capture with Machine Learning"
"Beyond the Remake of 'Shadow of the Colossus': A Technical Perspective"
"Mooncrash: Resetting the Immersive Simulation"
The categories of exhibiting companies:
- Content Marketing
- Enterprise IT
- Enterprise Communications
- Game and VR Development
- Information Security
- IT Services & Support/Contact Center

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