3 Good Reasons to get a Food Designer to ´Sing´at Your Exhibition Stand

3 Good Reasons to get a Food Designer to ´Sing´at Your Exhibition Stand

Why should you pay someone to perform more than needed? Trade shows present an opportunity to boost your existing customer relationships and connect with prospective clients face-to-face. That is the reason you need to pay the same attention as to other marketing mix element if you want a return on your exhibit investment.

In the United States, about 4,500 food & beverage trade shows take place yearly, but we are not talking only about the exhibitors attending those events. In our opinion, there is almost no difference between a food designer and a singer when we talk about lead-generation at trade show booths – both are perfect performers. We notice their effect on booth visitors at every trade show - both great traffic generators.

1. Entertainment – just looking at how the food designer is creating his products is also an entertaining art for your visitors and potential future customers. Those designers do not only draw attention to your trade show booth. Upon request, they also entertain customers awaiting a sales guy, perform for regular customers and other VIPs or presents your product. If you have experience or any user case, feel free to send it to us by press@ expotor.com

2. Educative – the food or fruit designer can be in a way educative for the visitors but also develops custom-made infotainment for your trade show exhibition. It also acts as an entertaining interface between exhibitors and potential customers. His trade show magic is an effective and cost-effective way of demonstrating the benefits of your products because you can always find a possibility to connect your products to the food.

3. Lead generator and traffic builder – based on your communication strategy. Special requirements like acquiring addresses, magical giveaways, interviews, presentations, and theme-related tricks can be fitted easily into the performance.

Especially difficult for an event cook is to be creative at fruit or food trade shows where all the new products and trends are presented. We’ve searched the world LOOKING FOR the most important food and beverage trade shows to exhibit. Here are the food designers getting their inspiration:

On 19th & 20th Nov 2019 at ExCeL London, you can enjoy the Restaurant and Takeaway Innovation Expo with the “Sustainability trail” and the great topics of sustainable development. It will display tradition, creativity, and innovation in the business of food.

It will bring together many themes that have already been handled by this event in the past and set them out in a new way in light of global possibilities whose common core is the idea that everyone on the planet should have access to food that is healthy, safe and sufficient. At events, food also gets a decorating role as vegetables, instead of flowers or orange-deco for the trade show booth.

The annual Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany is the world’s largest trade event in the fruit and vegetable industry. It covers every single sector of the fresh produce business, provides a complete picture of the latest innovations, products, and services.

SIAL BRAZIL & SIAL CANADA are following the model of SIAL Paris, the biggest world event in the food and beverages market, which gathers all the segments in this market. With the presence of national and international companies, all of them present the trends and innovations in the retail and food service. Those events are unique to the food market because they offer a complete mix of products and solutions – the perfect opportunity for global business.

ANUGA Cologne, Germany – is the world´s leading food trade show for retail trade and the food service and catering market, an important destination for everybody in the food industry, interested in the food retail and catering sector as it exhibits exotic drinks, meat, and meat products, frozen food, chilled and fresh food, dairy products, bread, bakery and soups, organic products and various services related to the food and catering sector. From May 2015 the new platform “AnuFood Eurasia – powered by Anuga” will be the international leading industry hotspot for the Eurasian food industry. AnugaFoodTec is the most important driving force of the technology in the international food and beverage industry.image6

The Summer & Winter Fancy Food Show in New York is taking place in June and is an ideal place for exhibitors in the food industry to connect with buyers and find new products and important BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS. This show is ideal for exhibitors that manufacture or distribute food and want to extend their business. By exhibiting at this show, exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet new prospects and make sales.

The ISM in Cologne, Germany, “the future of sweets and snacks” is the world’s biggest and most important confectionery trade fairs. It targets the same attendees as the Sweets & Snacks Expo, which expects to have at least 15,000 attendees. That represents over $150 billion of the worldwide buying power in the confectionery, snack, and cookie categories which is a huge buying power for exhibitors in that sector.

Are you a cook, singer, designer or entertainer and want to offer your service at events? Benefit from our offer now and list your offer here:

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