How eco-friendly are the trade fairs and events? An PSI insight (part 2)

How eco-friendly are the trade fairs and events? An PSI insight (part 2)

Sticking to your concepts while helping the planet

In the case that you prefer the “classics” of promotional gadgets, there are also sustainable alternatives. “eco-promo” for example is a company that sells pencils and pens that you can order printed with your individual wish – so far as every other company that produces promotional pens. But this company, for example, is all about being eco-friendly and uses recycled material for their products. They have pens made from old banknotes, CD cases, jeans fabric or certified wood. Their products have excellent quality and you could not tell from just looking at them that they are made from recycled “waste”. Therefore, you can use them like the usual products, but at the same time do something for the environment.
The “Samoa Group” also offers products that can be individually printed: raincoats and bags made from cornstarch. By using a natural product that is made without genetically modified plants, can be composted and is re-growing fast, you can give out a product to your visitors with a clean conscious. This product can also be used across all sectors. Bags made of cornstarch can be used in many different situations, like in supermarkets to put your food in or in the future maybe even as packaging material. In this way, it is not only possible to make a great change in the trade show industry but also in all other fields of life.

A mission for trade show organizers

All those examples have one thing in common: They are great and sustainable ideas that come from companies to make promotional products more friendly to the environment and society. But organizers and hosts of trade shows also fight against the massive landfill of waste. The PSI, for example, has lots of initiatives, beginning with not using plastic cups for tea and coffee anymore. The trade show for the promotional products industry that took place during the second week of January this year gave out porcelain cups for their visitors – improving both, the taste of the beverage and their environmental footprint. At the end of the day, visitors could bring their cups to the booth that collected them again, thus reducing the plastic waste of the trade show to a great extent.

Furthermore, the PSI established their “Sustainability Awards” in 2015 that they give “to the best environmental, economic and social initiatives, campaigns and products in the promotional products industry” (press release “Leading by example: PSI 2018 first trade show to do away with plastic cups”; 12 December 2017). The organizers want to inspire companies who show a strong effort to promote sustainability and put it into practice in the industry and those who also want to make a positive impact.

The example of the PSI and their exhibitors shows that there are already many innovative ideas in the industry that have great potential to help to improve the state our planet and society is in right now. The goal here is to keep up the good work and to inspire others to think about their impact in this world. In the future, hopefully, even more companies and trade show organizers will switch to more sustainable alternatives in all fields of the industry.

Author: Press A.
Company: ExpoTor


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