How to avoid a double booking for events in the MICE industry?

How to avoid a double booking for events in the MICE industry?

5 basic tips to keep in mind

The MICE industry holds events simultaneously all day, all the time. This naturally makes many of the events coincide. Unless they are equipped with bilocation, potential workers cannot be in two places simultaneously. Sometimes, they are usually asked to be in two jobs that match their dates. This inevitably brings a rejection of a job proposal and the dislike of both parties.
Most contracting for events in the MICE industry is done through the internet. Here, customers are looking for frequent industry workers, salespeople, contractors, freelance workers, among many others. Even so, double booking can occur and it is very important to remain calm. Here are five basic tips you can consider preventing a double booking situation, or if it already happened, to deal with it:

1. Check what options the digital platform offers
This is the most important thing you can do to avoid double booking. If you are being hired under a mechanism that does not include the existence of a digital recruitment platform, it will be very difficult to avoid. But if, on the contrary, you belong to one of these platforms, check if they have a mechanism to avoid double booking.
The best websites make the freelancers send their proposals to the clients for a certain period. When the proposal expires, the client is obliged to respond affirmatively or negatively and thus, to start work.

2. Make clear your deadlines
To avoid double booking it is also very important to be clear when you can and when not. Allowing you to be hired in a period when you do not know if you are going to be able to work or not is extremely irresponsible and can be a carrier of a bad rating on a digital platform. That will prevent you from being hired by many clients and also be able to lose reputation definitively.

3. Permanently update your availability
We are in a dizzying world with changes every moment. It is understandable that schedules vary all the time, but that is why you have to maintain responsibility and update profiles constantly so that all potential customers know if you are available or not.

4. Clarify immediately if there is any divergence
If there is a double booking situation or is about to occur, clarifying everything as soon as possible is the most important. Speed is what counts the most in this regard, and for that, responding quickly to potential customers who wish to hire you in a time when you are not available is the greatest respect for the time of others.

5. Keep the doors open
That it has not been able to materialize in this opportunity by a clash in the agendas does not mean that nothing will be possible in the future. On the contrary, clients often take into account good treatment in these circumstances and maintain contact for future opportunities in which the agenda of both do coincide.

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