How to avoid hiring irresponsible people? 5 tips to avoid a no-show

How to avoid hiring irresponsible people? 5 tips to avoid a no-show

Any job implies a responsibility for delivery and fulfillment. From a small job to a high position in a high labor ladder, the work brings with it the indispensable element of compliance in all the conditions that are established previously. Failure to do so will create an unnecessary and exhausting conflict, and the employee will remain as an irresponsible.
In the MICE industry there is a phenomenon that also occurs in other sectors and is known as no-shows, that is, people who despite being hired, do not show up for work. This causes a contingency to be developed that is not usually foreseen and causes dozens of problems for employees. If you are a customer of the MICE industry and you are tired of this situation, we bring you five tips to avoid it.

1. Hire people only through secure means
What is currently used to hire staff are the digital platforms, which are very useful to get the right people. However, not all of them meet the same safety requirements. That is why it is important to be well advised to register on the best platforms, with the most qualified personnel.

2. Do not pay until you are satisfied with the job
The best platforms block the money that you will pay and will only release it when you are completely satisfied with the work done. In this way, no economic losses are generated for work that has not been done. It is ideal that you make this clear to the user so that they do not generate misunderstandings later.

3. Review user ratings before hiring
Hiring blinds is a serious mistake. Many digital platforms show customer profiles, in which, in addition to their personal preferences and curriculum, the user's qualifications can be observed for the work they have previously done. Thus, if the previous work experiences are satisfactory or not, one can consciously decide to hire.

4. There will always be another option
An argument widely repeated by many people is that in a specific work area of a specific site, there is only one person to hire and is characterized as a no-show. It is preferable to do without that job before hiring a person who has negative qualifications for previous jobs and, in the end, is irresponsible.

5. Have contingency plans
No work can be indispensable, and less if it is done with little time of anticipation. It is advisable to maintain contingency plans so that in case of any circumstances, the exhibition or fair can continue to be carried out in the best of conditions.

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