How To Exhibit Innovative Solutions at Trade Shows? - 3 Tips from Dentacoin

How To Exhibit Innovative Solutions at Trade Shows? - 3 Tips from Dentacoin

Visiting the IDS in Cologne, Germany this year, we were fascinated by the blockchain innovation brought by the company called Dentacoin and asked about more info their marketing manager, Donika Kraeva.

ExpoTor: Could you please tell us more about the innovation at Dentacoin? What kind of products/services are you offering?
Donika: We have developed the first dental cryptocurrency, an assurance model based on direct patient-dentist contracts and various applications used to increase supply chain efficiency, facilitate innovative payments, strengthen the relations between all market participants, and make preventive dental care affordable.
Our currently running applications are Dentacoin Trusted Reviews for verified patient feedback, Dentacare app for better oral hygiene, DentaVox Surveys providing key dental market stats.
More than 1,800 dental professionals and 90,000 individuals throughout the world are actively using Dentacoin tools while the Dentacoin currency has been adopted as an official means of payment by clinics, labs, suppliers in 21 countries on 6 continents.

ExpoTor: Who is your target audience? What are their benefits and costs?
Donika: Our primary target audience is young dentists, either familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency and/or with above the average ethical orientation level and thus interested in creating a prevention-oriented ecosystem via Dentacoin Assurance and tools.
All applications we are providing are currently free of charge for dentists. No contracts with hefty clauses, no difficult installations, just a simple registration are required.
Dentacoin tools and assurance model help dentists build a solid patient community around their practices. Dentacoin Assurance boosts long-term and trustful dentist-patients relations focused on preventive care. Dentists can access key market insights (on DentaVox) and genuine patient feedback (on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews) which helps them answer patient wants and needs.
They are also happy with receiving an additional monthly income in DCN and using an alternative currency for payments at their practices which, by the way, positions them as trendsetters and influences their reputation in a positive way as well. Better Google ranking and improve overall online visibility plus free of charge promotion are among the other important benefits.

ExpoTor: How do you market them? Are there any struggles with the market-entry in your sector?
Donika: Not surprisingly, I suppose, social media networks are our main communication channels.
I would not call it a struggle but one challenge worth mentioning is designing the whole process of using the Dentacoin tools and operating with the currency in the most user-friendly manner possible. Educating users and providing promotional material is also crucially important.
Our experience shows that the young generation of dentists is highly interested in the Dentacoin concept. Their awareness level about blockchain is slowly but surely growing so it’s relatively easy for them to understand the benefits of adopting Dentacoin tools and currency in their practice.

ExpoTor: We have met at IDS, where you exhibited, can you tell us more how do you apply the event marketing and what was your experience until now?
Donika: I am proud to share that Dentacoin marked an important milestone in the history of the International Dental Show by being the first blockchain solution provider to ever participate in the world’s leading dental fair. There was great excitement among the nearly 15,000 visitors at our stand. During the five days of the dental trade fair, we acquired more than 700 prospects, concluded 26 partnerships and are currently negotiating with over 50 more companies to develop mutually beneficial cooperation concepts.

ExpoTor: Which are the next events your company is planning to exhibit?
Donika: IDS is a benchmark in the sector. We are currently fully devoted to the follow-up communication with the prospects collected and therefore, we do not plan to participate in other fairs at least in the next few months. In June, however, we are organizing a roundtable discussion with other blockchain projects in the Healthcare sector that aims at establishing the needed collaborative environment.

ExpoTor: Which are the 3 tips you want to give any future exhibitor at a trade show?
1. Set goals and prepare. Have a clear picture of your desired results and design the entire communication process with this picture in mind. Get in touch with your target customers beforehand - through direct contacts, advertising, etc. One crucial aspect: choose the right people to represent your company and make sure they are well prepared.
2. Be different and impressive. I know it sounds cliché but unless you are an industry leader, you really need to invest efforts in attracting visitors’ attention through an outstanding visual representation. Stand design, clothes, promo materials - everything counts.
3. Be responsive and act professionally. Stand up from your chair and engage with visitors! Be present, answer questions, make connections, get the most out of this event. And please, think twice when checking your phone, having personal talks with other colleagues… or eating lunch in front of the visitors’ eyes.

Interviewee and credits for images: Donika Kraeva, Marketing Manager at Dentacoin

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