How to Mix The Perfect Booth I The Beginner MICE-ologist

How to Mix The Perfect Booth I The Beginner MICE-ologist

Are you a first-time exhibitor? MICE is a new word for you or do you think it is just the plural of mouse? Are you a startup with a small team and not enough people to focus on the needed creativity for your next exhibition? No problem, there is plenty of advice on the internet but as we know sometimes in small companies even the time is missing.

There are 3 points you should pay attention if you want to get new clients after a trade show participation:

1. Make them notice you - not rarely, small businesses have a "booth" that consists only of a table and an "insecure" face. Just think about this, if you are a startup you get all the time this question from potential investors "Why should the customers buy from you?". Exactly the same question can you apply regarding your booth "Why should someone stop at /come to my booth?". You need to define your UBP "Unique Booth Proposition" just as you do with your USP strategy. You can connect to event creatives or get ideas at shows like IMEX Frankfurt / Las Vegas, Mese Dubai, Expo!Expo! US, IBTM, BestOfEvents Dortmund, and many more.

2. Make them feel home - afterward, you need to gain their trust. If they do not trust you, they will neither trust your products or services. But how to do it? Not only the body language but also the design and visuality communication play a big role. At Viscom Düsseldorf, Fespa or EuroCis you can meet live amazing solutions or request some of them right here on ExpoTor.

- Images should be standout graphics - as many small pictures as difficult for a visitor
- Large name of the company and maybe even the country where you are from could help to capture the attention of attendees - here a great solution for your branding design:
- Technical interactive components or just VR/AR elements should be used for product presentations

3. Make them remember you, every day, if possible - with amazing gadgets. Finding the right giveaway is not easy. The annually PSI show in Düsseldorf is showing the trends in the promotional items business. Depending on your target segment, you can start from a high-quality trivet like the one from Unika in the picture or the incharge gadget from our platform

But what the hell is MICE? If you have an event manager or a marketing manager, he/she should know the 101 of the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions / Events. Most of the people calling it just the "Events Industry" or "Meetings Industry". Above all, MICE acts as an option for business networking to support your company. Any meetings at events promote investment, commerce, communications, and technology. Thus, the MICE industry also supports other industries.

Are you still looking for the best MICE suppliers? Use the link below to post your requests for free and get the needed proposals/quotes right to your inbox. Their passion and understanding of the MICE industry enable them to focus on delivering the highest levels of creativity for your next booth.

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