How to Prepare an Action Plan for Event Cleaning

How to Prepare an Action Plan for Event Cleaning

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Cleaning a facility, even when it’s in a good condition, can be quite challenging. However, when you hold events in set facility, things can get catastrophic. Fortunately, thanks to the industrial revolution and the clever work of young entrepreneurs, nowadays facility managers can outsource this difficult task to professional companies, which possess the needed hardware and manpower to take care of the cleaning for them. However, in order to ensure everything runs smoothly, you still need to analyse your needs and prepare a viable action plan for your event cleaning. Here are a few pointers to help you.

Set clear standards.
One of the most difficult aspects in the event cleaning industry is subjectivity. Different companies have different standards when it comes to the term “clean”, and the different types of events require different maintenance. A conference is easier to clean than a rock concert. So, before you make an actual plan, you need to consider your requirements. For instance, do you consider cleaning the restrooms every 15 minutes a success, or do you prefer to have porters in the restroom all the time, to insure the immaculate condition of the facilities? How many people would you like to service the cleaning of your event? Will you need cleaning prior to the event or during it, or just after it? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. Consult your clients, stakeholders, or the management to obtain their opinion on the matter too. Moreover, the most important part, make sure that your standards are measureable, attainable and within your budget.

Turn those standards into an action plan.
Now that you have a list of requirements, you need to prepare a plan to get them. It’s useful to break down the event to 3 stages – pre-event, event and post-event. Each category should have a timeline prepared and an outline for all the cleaning you will need done. Some important issues you will need to address on each stage:
- Pre-event cleaning – How to keep the building clean while preparing for the event? How would you like the venue to look when the guests arrive?
- During the event cleaning – Are you prepared well enough to deal with even the unexpected? Are there enough cleaning supplies provided to last for the whole event? Some people think that the last one is up to the cleaning company, but unless you provide clear specifications of the event, nobody can foresee what you may need.
- Post-event cleaning – How fast will you need the facility cleaned once the event is over? Will you need any special equipment to be brought in order to return the facility to normal condition?

Management of the workforce.
Even if the event cleaning company comes with high recommendations, you still need some kind of surveillance, to make sure they are doing their job according to your standards. The bigger the event is, the deeper the need for management staff is. Nothing can ruin your event quicker than failed cleaning. So, take the time to find the right people, to whom you can entrust this task. Communication is also very important, make sure to give everyone the proper tools to communicate with each other and with you during the event. In a big crowd, it will be incredibly difficult to locate someone when you need them. Being equipped in cell phones or two-way radios will help you stay organised. For larger events, it’s recommended to have a dispatcher, who will coordinate all the cleaning calls between the different parties involved.

Make trash removal easier.
One of the most common mistakes facility managers make, is to fail to provide enough trash bins and waste disposal options for the event. After all, all the trash accumulated during the event has to go somewhere. By increasing the number of containers, you reduce the frequency in which the cleaning crew has to empty them, and this way you limit the possibility of them overflowing. So ask yourself – Do you have enough trashcans? Is the compactor emptied before the event? Is your waste management company aware of the event, can they help? Do you have a storage space for the recyclables until someone picks them up? Trust me; you will save yourself a lot of potential negative publicity, if you just take care of the trash on time.

Have a flexible mindset.
No matter how well you organise and prepare your event cleaning plan, chances are that something will go wrong at some point. In such cases, you’ll need a somewhat flexible mindset in order to fix the situations quickly and without much negative impact. If you want to stay ahead, you can prepare a list with all the things that could possibly go wrong, and think of alternative strategies. However, the most important thing you can do in such cases is to stay calm and give your best to mend those situations as they appear.