How to Solve Your WiFi Problem at Your next Exhibition or Meeting abroad?

How to Solve Your WiFi Problem at Your next Exhibition or Meeting abroad?

As an exhibitor at a trade show, you have to pay attention to a lot of factors that can make or break your exhibiting time. Can you remember the last event you visited or where you even exhibited? How was your experience with wifi? Was it free, affordable or expensive? Especially, the bloggers, PR professional, and social media managers might have encountered some issues when at the info point they get the answer "wifi is free at our event" but usually it is so slowly, almost impossible to use it productively.

I can remember a show in Germany, where we exhibited and paid almost €100/day per device but now we are amazed about the solution brought to us by Rent´n Connect which not only helps exhibitors but also individuals. Ömer Sungur from So Travel Tech at the International Tourism Business show in Berlin this year, helped us with the following information about their solutions.

ExpoTor: Tell us more about your company and its products? Are you B2B or B2C oriented?
Ömer Sungur: Rent 'n Connect is a fast-growing travel technology start-up company. We provide products and services that always help travelers to stay connected. With offices in Berlin, London, and Istanbul, and products that offer high-speed coverage, we offer connectivity solutions at affordable prices wherever you go. Rent 'n Connect started its operations in 2014 providing mobile hotspot rental services in Turkey. In 2018 we launched Berlin and London offices and started offering services all over Europe. Today, we have grown with more than 50 employees offering coverage in all EU countries (including some non-EU countries like Switzerland and Norway), Turkey, Canada, USA, and many more countries.

Our product is a hotspot router which helps business travelers and voyagers to have private wi-fi connection while traveling or having business trips or during their exhibition, conferences etc…. Therefore, we provide secure, fast, unlimited Wi-Fi for different types of needs and purposes. Today Wi-Fi connection is a must for most of the people, we as a company try to provide easy, fast and trustable solutions. Our mobile Hotspot router is a tiny pocket Wi-Fi which helps people to carry around.

We are focusing on both B2B and B2C channels. We try to provide customer-centric and affordable data connectivity solutions for each channel. In the B2B side, our hotspot routers help people to stay connected to their main workplaces. It keeps them informed and present at the moment while feeling safe.

ExpoTor: How exactly does it work? How difficult is the logistics for a foreign exhibitor?
Ömer Sungur: As we have mentioned we have a small version of a router that fits your pocket and helps you have a wi-fi connection in the country you will be traveling to. It has a tiny button that turns it on. When it’s turned on you can go on your mobile, laptop, PC or tablet and choose the name of your router which writes on the back of it and of course your personal password. It is as easy as that. One of the main advantages of our product is that you can connect to it with up to 10 people/devices. Which is a very clever way for traveling groups and business trips as groups.

Our product for exhibitions, conferences, business meetings are similar to our WIFI hotspot device in practice, but it is a Smart Router with wider range of WIFI area and higher capacity of connection (up to 30 people/devices, it could be extended up to 100 people if required) suitable for exhibition venues or conference rooms.

The people can order the devices via our website:

Individual users as travelers, businessmen -

Exhibitors -

When we have the order on our website, we ship from our office in Berlin to the customer's hotel, home or staying address anywhere in EU with express delivery a few days before their arrival/departure to the given address with the return label. So, they can drop off the device with given packaging and return label at Hotel Reception and we arrange the pick-up from the hotel. Regarding all these processes, the customer receives an e-mail with detailed information about delivery and return options. For customers coming to Turkey for travel of business, we have the same delivery options, but also possible to receive our products from the Airport.
For any questions or problems, we have 7/24 Customer Support via live chat on the website, Whatsapp: +905438851596 and e-mails: /

ExpoTor: In which countries do you offer your services?
Ömer Sungur: Today we are aware that the world is not that big, with the help of technology as a growing start-up we try to maximize our country list and provide our services to more people. We expanded our services to 40 countries. We can send and provide our service in 40 countries including EU Countries, the UK, Turkey, the United States, Canada, Switzerland and many more…

ExpoTor: Can you tell us about some user cases at trade shows and what their advantages are?
Ömer Sungur: We have provided our solutions to various exhibitions and event in Istanbul and we have launched this service recently in our Germany and EU operation. We have provided our booth WIFI solution to more than 100 exhibitors at the moment. Some of them also prefer small WIFI hotpot device to use both at the booth or while visiting other customers in the fair area and for his/her individual use after the show while traveling in the city. They have price advantage, easy & fast delivery and return to/from their hotel, apartment. In Berlin, we can also deliver to their booth if they can provide us access to the Exhibition area. They do not have any extra/unforeseen cost for this service. 7/24 customer support. 100% refund guarantee.

ExpoTor: Are there any deals that you want to tell our customers about?
Ömer Sungur: We keep our customer up-to-date with our campaigns, discounts or special promotions through our mailings or website. Most of our campaigns are planned during travel seasons and trade shows or exhibitions.

Rental for Germany for over 10 days and EU are subject to special discounts as well. For discounts please contact:

Author: Ömer S.
Company: Rent n Rent


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