How to stand out at trade shows on a budget? by Jason Frank

How to stand out at trade shows on a budget? by Jason Frank

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As the cost to exhibit at trade shows has continued to increase, it is more important than ever to maximize your exposure and ensure your audience interacts with your products and displays. According to the Exhibit Producers and Designers Association, the cost for advanced shipments to trade shows has increased 1.8% annually over the last two years. Once the equipment arrives at the tradeshow, the average hourly labor rate for booth set up is now $103.50 an hour!!

Life-sized cutout displays can reduce or eliminate these costs and hefty freight charges for shipping bulky equipment can be greatly reduced. With cutouts, the risk and expense of having products or equipment damaged in transit to an event site are eliminated. Custom photo standees can also show off your products without having to bear the expense of the trade show staff labor for setting up your equipment. By utilizing easy to erect cutouts to show off products, you can reduce your trade show costs.

The standard pull out display is used by many exhibitors; however creativity draws the attention of the audience and pulls them into the booth space.

One of our partners, Mike Belasco of, also gave us some insight into his own personal experiences with trade show marketing.

“I think creativity in the trade show strategy is very important. Usually, you are competing for attention with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other exhibitors. In addition, traditional promotion through the show options can be very expensive. As a small business, being creative on how we can capture the most relevant attention possible is key to being able to turn an ROI on a tradeshow.”

Utilizing cardboard cutout displays to create attention-grabbing trade show booths helps exhibitors stand out from the crowd. A creative display can also build engagement with attendees by getting them in the booth to share photos on social media. This is best accomplished with displays that create this interaction, for example with face cutout images. You can create a custom hashtag and run a contest for everyone who submits a social media post during the event. That will have attendees talking about and sharing your booth and products with others, which will attract even more attention to your brand.

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