How the events and expos helped my business

How the events and expos helped my business

Julia Christie, also known as the accidental entrepreneur has innovated, designed and developed the revolutionary baby nail trimmer Nail Snail, which has won numerous awards and the Australian Design Award, selling thousand of the must-have trimmer for young families right across Australia and beyond. Her business journey started when she unfortunately clipped and injured her newborn son with conventional nail clippers. She then took it upon herself to research on how to design and create a safer baby nail trimmer. That's exactly what she did.

As a mother of 3 having built the business around her priorities as a mother has made her a sought after business commentator and inspiring role model for many aspiring and starting entrepreneurs, especially women and mothers.

ExpoTor: What kind of products/services are you offering?
Julia: I offer safer baby nail trimmers. They are a 3- in - 1 nail trimming tool that allows for trimming, cleaning under the nail and a filer to keep nails smooth. The Nail Snail is designed for healthier nail care to newborns, babies, toddlers, and children up to 5 years of age.

ExpoTor: How do you market them?
Julia: It all started with a successful kickstarted campaign in 2017. I raised enough money to launch my business and my prototype. I participated in relevant baby, child and parenting exposition all across Australia. Now I've managed to enter the global market while shipping to certain parts of Europe, Canada, the USA, and New Zealand.

ExpoTor: How do you monetize your business?
- through wholesale (Nail Snail is sold in chemists and pharmacies across Australia)
- websites: My website allows the sale of special edition and limited Nail Snail items. While supporting children's' charities, a specific amount of every sale of the Nail Snail goes to the Light For Riley Foundation, a foundation created for baby Riley who sadly died from whooping cough disease.
- expos

ExpoTor: Great, your product is a must exhibit at the Kind + Jugend in Cologne in September. But who is your target audience?
Julia: First-time parents, family members of expecting mum or dad, women of childbearing years (20 to 45), first-time fathers and first-time mothers.

ExpoTor: Which marketing strategies have you applied and which ones were the most successful for you?
Julia: The price of the Nail Snail is $19,95. The price of a conventional nail clipper is around the $5 mark. When marketing the product, I emphasized on safety, health and the ergonomic qualities of the tool (easy to carry, compact, 3- in-1 features). It is not considered a luxury item or higher end product but a necessary must-have baby tool similar to having a thermometer.

The promotion of the item was important from the start. I decided to partner up with well-known children's charities such as The Light for Riley Foundation. I believed creating awareness for infantile diseases was a good way to reach the public and create a positive image for the Nail Snail brand and the business Christie & Christie.

I also donated $1 of every Nail Snail to The Light For Riley Foundation charity. It really pushed the sales, got people interested in my product and created awareness too. The links on my website allowed to increase traffic and generate more leads. I was also able to track and target potential customers.

I participated in numerous expos. The baby, child and parent expos found to be really successful tactic as it grouped my target audience in one geographical area. I sold out of Nail Snails on a few occasions.

ExpoTor: Have you ever tried the marketing through events? If so, what exactly and what was your experience? If not, why not?
Julia: Yes, the relevant baby, child and parenting expos. I participate on average to 5 to 10 expos/ year. I considered all the guests as potential customers, suppliers, and distributors. I used the expos to market myself and the Nail Snail. I can definitely say, the events and expos helped greatly in building my network and business.

ExpoTor: How do you measure your return on investment? If you participated in events and trade shows, we want to know how to do you measure your event ROI?
Julia: I use SMART objectives for every business activity that I do. I ensure the objectives are specific and that the results are easy to track and measure.
Tracking my KPIs are also important. Social media traffic says a lot about my business in general.

ExpoTor: Which were your struggles at the beginning and have you overcome them or are you still in the struggling mood?
Julia: I'm also a mum of three children. When they were all under the age of five, I found myself wearing different hats all the time. Dividing myself into two equal parts and allocating specific times to both roles i.e. mum and entrepreneur was overwhelming. I learned quickly to use software tools, calendars, planners, etc. to help me with my time management skills. Today I'm a mumpreneur and one role doesn't go without the other.

ExpoTor: Which are the 3 tips you want to give any future founder in your sector, or in general?
1. Research everything: knowledge is key. Make sure you know everything about the market that you are competing in.
2. Use your network and connexions. I believe in the 6 degrees of separation. Someone who knows someone in your industry might lead you to your great breakthrough.
3. Apply for awards and nominate yourself to increase your brand recognition. You have to vouch for yourself because nobody else will.

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