Keep Moving Your Brand - 3 Expert Secrets about Making the Right Flooring Choice

Keep Moving Your Brand - 3 Expert Secrets about Making the Right Flooring Choice

We met Cyrus Truijens, the innovator and CEO from ABC Display Industry B.V., at Fespa and wanted to know more about his product and his flooring expert insights.

ExpoTor: What is the best option for expo flooring "buy" or "rent", and why?

Cyrus: It really matters what the use of the elements is. If you have 1 or 2 events a year then we advise renting. But anything above these quantities we advise purchasing.

ExpoTor: Do I really need a graphic designer for our event flooring?

Cyrus: No, you are able to send your photo or image to us and we will help you with this project.

ExpoTor: Which role does the sustainability play in the trade show flooring?

Cyrus: I think a very big role. We have created a floor system that could last forever. Because you change the look and feel and even the sizes the floor works for you. Our materials are delivered with a lifetime warranty.

ExpoTor: What are the 3 tips and tricks do you have for the SME exhibitors?

1: think out of the box
2: be sure visitors notice that you have been thinking about your companies presentation - also smaller stands can attract a large volume of visitors
3: search for a price with systems

ExpoTor: We heard you won the FESPA award. Tell us more about your products, where the idea came from, and their uniqueness. Congratulations!

Cyrus: Haha great! We have invented the system because we saw on many stands the emotionless carpet/wires etc. Suddenly we start thinking about a floor system. Portable, wireless floors, attractive visuals.
There the Stand-On floor system was born.

ExpoTor: How important are the colors for choosing the right product from your brand?

Cyrus: Not at all... the color does not sell. The solution will sell.

ExpoTor: What expos do you attend this year or where can we all meet you for demos?

Cyrus: This year the Sign Expo in Kortrijk end Viscom in Italy.
2019 will be Dubai Sign expo and Exhibitor Live in Las Vegas

We are inviting you to join those events and see these amazing products or just contact Cyrus for all the details you need to make your best event happen!

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