Learn The Booth Language from The Bests

Learn The Booth Language from The Bests

Think twice - if your company is holding back on exhibiting because of its budget. This is what The Drunk Horse Gin drew our attention at the Tavola Show 2018.

Their creative event management shows every SMEs how they can stand out in a small expo booth. There are plenty of ways to make an impact at your next event exposure even with a small trade show booth. From the pictures, you can notice that they asked themselves those questions before starting with the expo planning:
- How will we present the products?
- How will we and our products interact with the audience?
- How will our booth stand out from the crowd?

1. Communicate your message through design

This is not only about the booth design but also about the outfit and product/packaging design. All those are creating the "booth language". Similar to the body language, it can make or break your event presence. To attract the right leads, there are three things to keep in mind when designing your "booth language": your audience, your product/service, and your ROI. A function design of your booth is as important as the big picture of your booth. The first question should be, why should a visitor stop by?

2. Let your product tell the story

If you have a product the F&B field, the tasting/degustation is a must. This is something we thought it is well-known by every exhibitor but we too often get the contradictory confirmation. Whatever your brand’s product or service is, the areas to display and demo your product to attendees. A small demo station which communicates your brand quickly and efficiently brings you best results. The Drunk Horse Gin is very interactive with the visitors. They know in a small exhibit booth, it really is the little things that count. They focus on the details that draw the crowd to their space. The used graphics are “popping up” for an extra eye-catching element.

3. Show your UOP with a smart booth

The exhibition industry is tough, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Exactly as you talk about the smartphone, smart home or smart city, you need to apply this strategy to your smart booth. Marketing doesn’t begin when attendees walk up to your trade show booth. As you already have a USP of your product, you need to develop very carefully your booth UOP(unique outstanding proposition). A smart booth has a strategy which begins when registering the company for the show. The audience will notice the size of your exhibit only at the show but you can create your image with your pre-show promotions. The Drunk Horse is outstanding with their booth language and great products as well as an amazing storytelling: "In 2016, three long-lasting friends and gin aficionados embarked on a journey to create their perfect gin. In London, the cradle of famous gin palaces and distilleries, the foundations were laid for an exquisite botanical mix. The journey did not end there, their quest for a unique and delightful flavor brought them to the other side of the world…the majestic Himalayas. At the old markets of Kathmandu they discovered timut, the holy grail which completed their pursue for perfection. The horse got drunk, very drunk, The Drunken Horse!"

Author: Press A.
Company: ExpoTor


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