Making The Most Of A Home & Garden Show

Making The Most Of A Home & Garden Show

Author: Julia H. - Company: MyD...

Ready to make some updates to your property but need help on where to get started? A home or garden show might be just what you’re after. These exhibitions showcase the best products and innovations of the moment so you can come away inspired. Here’s how to make the most of a home and garden show.

1. Go in with a plan

A lot of these shows are big and overwhelming so it can’t hurt to do some research beforehand. Check out their website a few days before and have a look through their exhibitor directory. Printing off a map if they have one will also save you time and stress when searching for the exact stall you had in mind.

2. Make a checklist

Before you leave home make a list of the things you think you want to improve or change. Not only will this keep your renovation goals on track but it will help you decide how long is reasonable to be planning to spend at the show overall.

3. Don’t feel pressured

At the end of the day these exhibits are designed to sell you their products. If you’re getting sucked in by a clever sales pitch refer to your checklist and ask yourself if this is something you really want. You can always do some research online after the show for different products or providers. So try not to feel pressured to take up their offers on the day.

4. Bring along a trusted adviser

Have a friend or family member with a lot of experience in the home and garden sectors? Invite them along to keep your head on straight throughout the day. Even if you don’t know anyone with expertise there’s benefits to bringing along a trusted second opinion. It could be the difference between an impulse purchase you’ll regret and a stylish new addition to your home.