Planning Your Garden Wedding

Planning Your Garden Wedding

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now that the ring is on your finger it’s time for the nitty gritty planning to begin. If a garden wedding is in your sights then here’s a checklist to make sure it runs smoothly.

Guarantee a gorgeous lawn
Maintaining a luscious green lawn is hard work. One week there’s not enough rain and it dries out in the sun, the next there’s too much and it’s flooded and muddy. If you want to guarantee a green aisle underfoot then consider laying some luxe-look artificial grass. There are ways to incorporate it for a temporary feature such as adhesive glues and using decorative pot plants as weights. But you might find you like the look so much you decide to keep it!

Weatherproof your yard
There’s no use praying to the weather gods for clear skies. They’re notoriously cheeky and the more you wish for a sunny day the less likely it feels. Prepare for every scenario with a portable marquee. Even if it looks like rain or searing heat you’ll have a stylish hideaway for your guests to enjoy the festivities.

Rentals are your friend
The thing about gardens is they don't come equipped with everything you need for a wedding. Whether celebrating at home or using a local garden you'll need help to set up the ceremony area and potentially dining or catering for afterwards. Hire these essential services online and take a load off your to-do list knowing they'll be sorted by capable hands. You can even hire a photographer with ExpoTor.

Providing guest amenities
If you’re hosting the wedding at home you may not have enough bathrooms to go around. And if you’re hosting it in public space they may not have toilets nearby. Double check that all of your guests needs will be covered from ample bathrooms to nearby parking, generous seating and sunscreen on a warm day.

Party the night away
Garden parties are a classy affair but every wedding needs some great music to enhance the celebrations. Having your reception outdoors can be difficult as the music floats into the atmosphere rather than being contained and amplified by the walls of a room. Having a designated, covered dancefloor may help focus the direction of your tunes. Consult your band or DJ about how they usually handle outdoor gigs and find out about any restrictions on late-night partying from the local council where you’ll be hosting.

There’s still a lot to be done before you can set foot down the aisle so get planning! We hope you have a magical wedding, no matter what venue or style you choose.

Author: Julia H.


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