5 Reasons Why You Need a Hostess in Your Exhibition Booth

5 Reasons Why You Need a Hostess in Your Exhibition Booth

It is still very common that in all kinds of events, event talent is always requested. Most of the MICE industry´s women participate as models or hostesses, also under different names or tasks in this field by booth assistant, brand ambassador, interpreter, etc.

Generally, these women have many functions beyond using their aesthetic and their attire to promote a product or service. They happen to be in charge of intro sales or even for the booth administrations.

Small companies often think they can not afford a hostess, but please think this through before deciding it next time. It is a controversial subject that opens the debate, and next, we present you five reflections that you can consider defining your position.

1. Getting enough leads
Most of the companies are exhibiting to get more contacts, leads and find the right partners for market entry. Consider being one or two persons in a booth, you might lose a lot of prospects meanwhile you are talking to visitors. A hostess task is to never miss any potential lead. She always asks for the contact details and helps with all the support as long as you / your colleague is busy with the other meetings. If your main goal is to get more sales, new clients, you must have a hostess or a steward in your booth.

2. Price of a hostess / steward
If you are not hiring external staff for your booth just because you think it is too expensive, you might be wrong. It really depends on which country and what the requirements are, but if you approach the right strategy, it might cost you as much as a diner. In Italy or France, it can start at €80 or €100/ show day, in Germany mostly at €120 and in the US even at $150/ show. How can you influence the price? If you negotiate directly with her even if she is local. As always, as long the supply chain, as hight the price. It is still difficult to select and notice the difference between a professional hostess and a less professional one but this is the goal no. 1 at ExpoTor to bring transparency on the market. You can always contact us directly for free advice.

3. Having enough internal people
Not always the own team has the skills of a hostess: multilingual, organized, inviting people in the booth, and many more. We agree with you that such qualitative softs-skills are not always existent but contacting the staffing before hiring it can definitely help to build you an opinion about the quality of the offered services. A professional worker or salesperson must act normally and also sell a product or service. Hostesses are the perfect greeters who also can influence a sales decision. They know how to offer the reception experience for your booth visitors and clients. Have you tried to still keep your smile even after a hard working day?

4. Quality of the hired event talent
Although it is part of the tradition of fairs and exhibitions, it is possible to ask, is the work really useful? Is it okay to spend money from a tight budget on hiring them? In most of the cases, if they are professionals and intelligent enough, they can create the perfect experience for your next customer. They should always know the products from the booth very well and to know how to communicate the right answers.

5. Are you a hostess/steward/event talent at trade shows/events who knows what an exhibitor really needs? Feel free to offer your amazing service to the companies on ExpoTor and write about your great expo experience here:

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