Should hostesses get hired by exhibitors? 5 points to reflect

Should hostesses get hired by exhibitors? 5 points to reflect

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It is still very common that in all kinds of events of the MICE industry women participate as models or hostesses, also known in this field by its name of booth babes. Generally, these women have many functions beyond using their aesthetic and their attire to promote a product or service. They happen to be in charge for intro sales or even for the booth administrations.
Despite their decorative function, very few people question the participation of booth babes or hostesses in exhibitions. However, others think that they are used as a sexual object of promotion which is completly wrong nowadays. It is a controversial subject that opens the debate, and next, we present you five reflections that you can consider defining your position.

1. It is not the perfect job for any woman
In the first instance, there is nothing wrong with being a non-professional job. The problem of this arises when the booth babes perceive the same amount of salary that a professional seller or other position of the company. If this happens, the work of the professionals who work in a stand is being devalued. It can also happen that the booth babes, by their condition of models, receive a very despicable salary. Is it right to exercise a job that has no fixed wage conditions?

2. It depends on the physical
It may seem obvious, but it is not. Regardless of the physical characteristics of a professional, his work is done through his intellect and sometimes physical strength. It is still difficult to select and notice the difference between a professional hostess and a less professional one but this is the task no. 1 at ExpoTor to bring the transparency on the market.

3. From aesthetic to numbers
A professional worker or salesperson must act normally and also sell a product or service. Booth babes are the perfect greeters who also can influence a sales decision. They know how to offer the reception experience for your booth visitors and clients. Have you tried to still keep your smile even after a hard working day?

4. Utility
Although it is part of the tradition of fairs and exhibitions, it is possible to ask, is the work of booth babes really useful? Models, that display certain elements defined by a company are not essential, but are they useful? Is it okay to spend money from a tight budget on hiring booth babes? In most of the cases, if they are professionals and intelligent enough can create the perfect experience for your next customer. They should always know the products from the booth very well and to know how to communicate a negative answer.

5. Is there machismo?
It is very common to see booth babes, but, in most of the cases, not to men who play the same role. The exposure of women is something that is practiced frequently in almost all cultures, but it should not be something imposed. It is also valid to ask if there is machismo in hiring women to be models, without exercising another role in the framework of a stand.