Show Me Your Expo Shoes and... The Creative Designers Will Tell You More

Show Me Your Expo Shoes and... The Creative Designers Will Tell You More

As exhibitor is not always easy finding the best shoes to wear at a trade show. A real sales guy as well as the promotional staff, who have to stay most of the time attracting customers, talking to visitors, they really need the perfect shoe. As exhibitor what kind of shoe do you choose?

Usually, it is easy to recognize an Italian or Dutch exhibitor just looking at his shoes. Why? They combine style with comfort.

The health experts and orthopedics recommend changing the shoes once a day during a show. But what are these shoes reveal you?

On the other side, we have huge numbers and attractive growth in the footwear industry. Those numbers show us: shoes are not only shoes. We use them not only as a motion instrument but more and more as an expression tool. The shoe designer included sustainability in his work making the sole of those shoes of old tires.

The perpetuity of black and white can still be seen in the new collections of the designers at trade shows this year. Most of those shoes are made by one of the greatest shoe designer Kobi Levi. I´m wondering if he or the other designers would sponsor exhibitors at other trade shows. It is always better to be in the blue than in the red ocean.

A shoe model is actually a must-have if you are an exhibitor in this industry. All over the world are plenty of shoes & footwear trade shows as:

1. Anpic Guadalajara is an exhibition of mid-upper, upper market footwear, bags, and accessories. It is held on the best possible dates to present updates to the current collections.

2. Exhibition of Shoe, Leather & Fur takes place in Kiev, Ukraine, and is the country’s premier and most international exhibition for sourcing the full range of leather sector requirements – high-grade hides and skins, leathermaking chemicals, machinery, and technology.

3. At the Düsseldorf shoe trade fairs GDS, the international event for shoes & accessories which is a leading trade show for sourcing with 1,158 exhibitors from 39 countries.

4. The World Shoe Association in Las Vegas is the largest and most comprehensive footwear and related accessories show in the world.
Its twice-yearly show in Las Vegas pulls in more than 36,000 participants and about 1,600 exhibitors and having the complementary part as Materials at WSA Expo & Conference which is the only footwear and accessories supply chain trade show to run alongside the largest gathering of the world’s footwear brands and retailers.

5. The Australian Shoe Fair in Melbourne is Australia’s newest independent trade fair for the footwear industry. The Australian Shoe Fair has been developed as a result of demand from suppliers and industry stakeholders for a high quality.

6. China International Footwear Fair (CIFF) and Moda Shanghai offer an unparalleled platform for entering China’s fast-growing domestic retail market for footwear products, leather garment, travel wear, handbags and fashion accessories.

But what does it feel being a shoe model and what could be the win-win situation between exhibitor and model?

A shoe model told ‘I just never thought I’d end up modeling. My nose was too big for my face, my curly hair unpredictable; I didn’t think of myself as pretty. To say I wasn’t comfortable with my beauty would be an understatement. But what I lacked in confidence I made up for with adventure, so when a friend of mine told me about a guy who got people jobs modeling things like gloves, wedding gowns, lingerie, and shoes, I thought it was a long shot but I went to see him anyway.’ She continues with ‘There are also “show models” who walk in the footwear industry’s runway shows four times a year. These are not to be confused with “runway models” who walk the catwalk during fashion week. They are a whole different breed.’ The hour average of $100 for a freelance fit model in NY is totally different in Germany or Colombia. In the shoe as well as in the whole fashion industry we hear about payment with products or service exchange ‘One smaller company I worked for would sometimes ask if I preferred to be paid with shoes. I loved their designs and would almost always opt for the shoes. There’s also something about wearing a shoe made for your foot that fits perfectly.’

Are you still looking for your perfect fit model? Find her/him here on ExpoTor:

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