Sustainability in the Trade Show Industry (Part 1)

Sustainability in the Trade Show Industry (Part 1)

There are many fields in our everyday life that need to be managed in a more sustainable way, so we can protect our planet in the best possible way – even in the trade show industry, there is a great change going on. Most of the massive amount of waste we produce every day cannot be recycled and will find its way into nature where it will for example destroy and harm animal wildlife. This has serious consequences for the environment, the ecosystem and also our society. The first step against this are education and informing about the subject and its impact; and by now, many people are aware of it and fighting against pollution and social injustices.

Organizers, exhibitors and visitors against plastic

In a world where you need promotional products to make your brand known and recognizable, most of it is made out of the biggest polluter found in everyday life: plastic. But if taking a look at new initiatives, projects and companies, you will notice that many of them are using recycled, eco-friendly or other alternatives to what is so harmful to the environment.
While being in the PSI trade show in Düsseldorf, I had the chance to talk to companies that focus on more sustainable promotional gadgets and take a look at their innovative ideas and products. The wide range of products at the PSI shows that there are many ways to make your own company’s promotional strategy more environmental friendly without having to cut back. But as the following text will show, not only exhibiting companies are being more and more environmentally aware: trade show organizers are playing a major role as well.

Eco-friendly promotional products – the sustainable way of conveying your company’s message

The most noticeable chance that can be found may be the switch from disposable plastic bags to cloth bags, which of course is not happening only in the trade show industry but is promoted to a great extent for example also in supermarkets.
More specific for the industry, there are many companies that produce textiles which not only emphasize that they are using eco neutral fabrics, but also control and certify the way their textiles are produced – because unfortunately, trade fair often does not mean fair trade. The clothing company “Neutral” from Denmark for example is using organic textiles for their products and try everything to make their clothes more sustainable. They are certified with numerous licenses and make sure that farmers and the environment are treated fair by reusing wastewater, renewable energy and retaining good working conditions. But not only textiles are important for trade show exhibitors: Often sweets and food are given to visitors to promote the company and convey a message in a subtle way. Many companies that produce such foods are also certified with the fair-trade label to make sure that they not only stay in mind of their potential costumers but also to show that they really care about people and fair conditions everywhere in the world.

Next to the obvious positive effect that using recycled and sustainable products for your company’s promotion has, you can also use it to give your visitors and costumers a positive feeling about your company and its goals. There are many creative and sustainable gadgets that you can give out to interested visitors: The company “KW open” from Germany is for example selling pencils with a little capsule at the top that contains flower or herb seeds. If the costumer is finished using the pen, they can easily stick it in the ground and let it grow – this will keep your company in their mind for sure. Such eyecatchers can be found in all different styles and individually imprinted with your company’s name or message (especially flower seed seem to be on the rise right know). “Green Earth Products” is all about creative promotional products. From little trees to up- and re-cycled products like the “Save Our Oceans” water bottles – you can individually print your logo on their products and give them out to stick in your visitor’s memory. As many companies, they are certified for using fair trade and recycled products and invite you to find more about this out through offering high transparency.
As those examples show (which are only a handful of what is out there on the market), it is easy to combine interesting ideas with your promotion, especially if you want to convey a story that has to do with quality, reliability and caring about your surroundings.

Author: Press T.
Company: ExpoTor


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