The 10 Innovations from Blockchain to Fashion at the International Dental Show

The 10 Innovations from Blockchain to Fashion at the International Dental Show

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The International Dental Show (IDS) brings around 2,300 companies from over 60 countries in Cologne - this year from 12th to 16th of March. We were mainly focused on finding innovation especially at international small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with own shown booth or pavilion´s members. There are lots of partnerships between the big players and smaller companies which makes this sector even more innovative all over the world: from dental medicine to fashion and furniture, through technology and protective materials.

1. Pastelli S.R.L. - the Premium leader in the high-quality and best design in the medical field. They have always invested in technology and research presenting at IDS how fashion solves the disinfection problem with a patented product for an optimal system to demonstrate the antimicrobial effect by imitating the use of fabrics, the "Dinamic Shake Flask", more about it in the booth F060 / hall 10.01. One of their tests shows the difference between the efficacy of a silver-treated textile and washing the Pastelli system at 40° - the results in % is 8.40:99.70 for Pastelli for the antimicrobial effects. The company is also a member of UNIDI - the Italian smile industry.

2. Kolmi - leading solution provider of single-use products. The French leader manufactures its products in ISO Class 8 clean room / Class 100000 which is not required by the EN 14683:2014 but it allows to ensure "the "cleanliness" of a medical face mask which is defined by freedom from a population of viable micro-organisms on a product." The company can show you its highlights in hall 10.2 at the booth V021.

3. Iride - the specialist in the design and manufacture of laboratory benches and furniture in the dental industry. The focus is on modularity and a healthy work environment. The technology behind the eye-catching design is created around a system for extracting noxious substances and dust. The specialists are waiting for you to show the innovations in the booth L051 / hall 10.02.

4. Hoffmann Dental Manufaktur GmbH - the power of nature is shown in their innovative solution called PeriO3 Oil, a natural gum therapeutic agent based on ozonized olive oil and castor oil. With this natural product, the anaerobic bacteria are eliminated, and a healthy oral flora is regained. It is a strong alcohol-free disinfectant and antibacterial without additional antibiotics and cortisone. The use of chlorhexidine or antibiotics can be avoided or reduced. It can be used, for example, after insertion of the implant, wounds after tooth extraction, for the periodontal disease treatment and find out more and what are the advantages for dentists and patients in the booth G011 / hall 10.1.

5. Dentacoin - the bitcoin of dentistry is helping you earn more by focusing on prevention and build best relations with your patients. More than 1,800 dentists and 90,000 individuals all over the 6 continents are already using DCN (Dentacoin). using In hall 11.3 at the booth K060 L069, the Dentacoin team can show you how you can take the lead with the Dentacoin tools. Starting from trusted reviews over Denatvox, Dentacare to Dentacoin wallet, this company improves patient engagement, satisfaction, and retention by lowering your marketing costs as a dentist. Their tools enable fast, cheap, and secure payments. The blockchain is the digital implementation of a trade repository. Here the data record blocks which are mathematically confirmed and linked to the last transaction. The blocks are decentralized which makes the process less susceptible to manipulation and cybercrime. It is an effective solution when business processes need to be documented digitally and in a tamper-proof way.

6. The partnership between Protechno and Astradentium brought on the market "obf" - the lip retractor with suction for a safer dental practice. The Oral BioFilter System (obf) is supported and recognized by the European Institute of Technology Health (EIT) and the European Space Agency and has won international prizes for functionality and development. The product minimizes cross-contamination, enables free access to the oral cavity, and increase safety. You can watch a great product demonstration in hall 10.2, booth V071.

7. Osstell AB - the online guide to a predictable implant treatment, and a company of W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH, in the hall 10.1/booth D008 is showing their product Osstell Beacon to an intuitive measurement of ISQ and the access to the in-depth analytical tool called Osstell Connect. This helps to track and predict healing times, comparing your clinic with data averages from other users over the world, receiving data backup and remote support on how to interpret the ISQ values, which has a non-linear correlation to micro-mobility -"it decreases >50% from 60 to 70".

8. LargeV Instrument Corp. Ltd. - the Chinese pioneer in the dental cone beam CT presents the Smart3D for more clarity, safety, and flexibility. It has an integrated sensor for both panoramic and 3D images, six laser beams, and an advanced 0.5 mini-focus X-ray tube. This product, as well as another professional dental X-ray tomographic system, can be tested in their booth V060 in hall 10.2.

9. Orca Dental AI - the leader of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the dental industry, is located in hall 10.1/A047, in the national pavilion of Israel, inspired by innovation. Their deep learning solutions generate accurate data and reports including image analyses, anatomy segmentation, and pathology findings, analyzing 2D X-rays and CBCTs for the entire dental ecosystem including orthodontics and prosthodontics. The founder and CEO, Shlomi Avigdor, is confirming the competitive advantages of the company and its product. Orca Dental AI owns existing and pending patents and has partnered with big players like Planmeca, Dentsply Sirona, etc.
Also in the Israel booth, the iotech group - 3D printing is presenting its innovation for restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and implants. The first "open-source material" printer has the advantage of printing functional objects using a very wide range of materials (polymers, metals, ceramics, etc.)

10. Apex brings the Brazilian Health Devices at IDS and in its pavilion, hall 11.3 / booth B048 C049 Bionnovation presents its Surgitime Collagen (pericardium) which is an acellular matrix of bovine pericardium, implantable, and resorbable. Its "average resorption time is between 60 and 90 days, sufficient for the structural formation of the new grafted bone. Being resorbable, at the end of the total cicatricial period, there is no need for surgical intervention that has the purpose of removing it." says DDS MSc Ph.D. Fabio Mizutani from a clinical case.

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