"The bigger the fight, the greater the hero" - an expat dentist at a dental show

"The bigger the fight, the greater the hero" - an expat dentist at a dental show

IDS is one of the most important fairs in the dental industry where all experts in the field are present. We wanted to know more about what kind of experience makes a buyer at the International Dental Show. The buyer in this case is an expat dentist living in Germany. His international orientation is helping us to get a pretty objective comparison about at least two markets in this sector, the German and the Romanian one. For another year, the main words on everyone’s lips are digital dentistry. Intraoral scanners, 3D printers, and digital planning software are some examples of the revolution caused by the digitalization in orthodontics.

1. ExpoTor: As an internationally oriented dentist, could you tell us more about you and your work?
Dr. Marin: I have started to work as a dentist under my father's supervision 20 years ago in Romania. After improving his dental office for 6 years, I have created my own clinic in my home town, Curtea de Arges, which is continuously growing. Between 2007 and 2010 I have worked as a dentist at a French dental office in Gran Canaria in a beautiful touristic location. There I have discovered and feed my appetite for internationalizing my services and combining tourism with medical services. Also in 2007, I have bought my first property in Germany as a real estate investment, and I started to come more often here over. Although I have tried several times to move here, I have succeeded only in 2016 by purchasing a dental office in Solingen. 

2. ExpoTor: A study from Rebmann Research in the "Atlas Dental"(s. picture) shows that Romania has the highest percentage (10.46) of dental graduates per 100,000 inhabitants. How do you compare the two markets, Romanian and German, for your sector?
Dr. Marin: Thank you for mentioning this study, you are very well informed. The medical school in Romania is one of the best in Europe, and the interest to become a dentist among the Romanian population is big. For the past years, being a dentist has been voted among the best 10 jobs in the world. As a project for my Ph.D. I have compared the medical systems from all over Europe and concluded that the Romanian system is a copy of the German medical system implemented by Otto von Bismarck 130 years ago. The difference is that in Romania the dental market is completely private, so the market plays a bigger role, and the state is contra balancing by imposing rules and controlling the quality of the dental procedures more rigorously. In Germany, approximately 90% of the market is completely covered by state insurance companies, so the quality is imposed and diminished. For a similar diagnosis you get in Romania much better quality, for a higher cost, but in Germany, you get the problem solved more rapidly and with minimal expenses. 

3. ExpoTor: What are the three most innovative ideas you have found at IDS?
Dr. Marin: As you can surely have seen IDS is the biggest dental fair in Europe and is expanding every year. This year has been covered 17 hectares, so it is impossible to cover it all and talk to the thousands of companies. I am impressed this year by the huge money and time invested in the show itself. Only the presence at IDS by building the stand of a big company and taking here approximately 100 people cost over 1,5 Mil euro. Also impressive was to me the presence of a huge amount of Romanians dentists among the customers and company sales representatives. Everywhere I go, there is the Romanian language spoken around, and that made me feel proud and safe. The publicity made for the new discoveries is sometime over excessive. For this, I was very impressed about the scandal involving a famous Japanese company who discovered and promoted at IDS a brand new composite which adapts to the color of the teeth. It was the main product of this company. The seller, a famous big German company called Kaniedenta, was forced by the competitors on Thursday, during the IDS, to retreat from the market all the prospects and marketing materials about this product and change the name of the product. Nobody will use in public the name of this product and it is possible to pay a fee up to thousands of euros, so you can imagine the amount of work and money involved to change the whole production, marketing, and distribution of the product. Such a scandal can be deadly for a company, and the costs will be somehow covered by the dentists by paying more. 

4. ExpoTor: Are there any solutions that you wished to find for your clinic but you couldn't?
Dr. Marin: Well, if understand well, you challenge me! I like that! 
I am a solution-oriented person, and I see the problems as a growth opportunity. I like embracing the philosophy - the bigger the fight, the greater the hero. There are always solutions. For example, the biggest problem is the employer's crisis. There are more than 15,000 employment-offers in NRW in the dental field today, so it's very hard to find a dental assistant or a dentist. I have imported my own crew in the office and I a trying to find good working employees here. It will work out somehow, until then I have to work more and cover the field. 

5.  ExpoTor: What are your goals for visiting this or any other dental show?
Dr. Marin: Speaking of goals, I would mention the changing of my Xray department with new types of equipment and the contacts I have to make with the actors in this field. I live in Germany for three years and I need to create a sphere of influence here. I need to see how to integrate myself and how to improve the life of the people I care about.

For more information, feel free to contact directly Dr. Marin via the link below or connect with him at the next dental show.

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