The show that makes you flourish...

The show that makes you flourish...

... and the importance of a garden plays a huge role - this is what the show "MyPlant and Garden"(see link below) is showing in Milano every year. It brings together all the horticulture and garden experts from around the world and when you return home, you’ll have discovered unique plants to grow and surely have a garden project or two in your mind.

There are plenty of events focused on different areas where you can:
1. F I N D I N S P I R A T I O N
In hall 12, the event "Flower Couture" where haute couture meets floral design by collaborating with Aya Vloet, a Japanese floral artist based in San Francisco, California. Here you can notice the art mixing different cultures.
Another event, in hall 20 called "Urban Green Management" invites the most important operators in the construction, maintenance, and management of urban and natural green areas. If you are working in urban landscaping, this is the event you can not miss.

2. G E T T H E T R E N D S O F 2019
This year, the trendsetters of BLOOM’s present the flower trends for the next season in a world premiere. This is also the first time in Italy. Italian flowers and international creativity meet in the hall 12 - an installment organized by OFFICINA DELLE PIANTE Annette Gottmann.
In the same hall 12, the Innovation Arena is present as well. G2 Startups presents some innovative products and solutions. Go and consult with them about how to bring new technologies, advanced applications or new business models into your company.

3. K N O W I N G M O R E A B O U T L A N D S C A P E D E S I G N
The Landscape Area in hall 20 presents the world of design, outdoor materials, and highlights concerning the themes of landscape, ideas of the renovation of green areas and green building. The organizer is mentioning "EN Space network­ will take care of the contents in the Green Factory Project event, where some designers will share their latest “green projects”. The focus is on innovative solutions, cooperation, contacts, and comparison. The protagonists of the Green Factory Project 2019 area will be Enzo. Satoru Tabata, GMS Studio Associato, O+A | Ori+Arienti, Studio Associato Scudeletti, Studio Greenatelier, LAND."

The event promoting the gardening of the future gets bigger and bigger - there are
6 exhibiting areas dedicated to the open and productive dialog. Find out more about the event here:

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