This Message Wows Every Exhibitor - An Interview with an Australian Expo Expert

This Message Wows Every Exhibitor - An Interview with an Australian Expo Expert

David from specializes in trade shows as a presenter and trade show exhibitor trainer. He works alongside exhibitors (after training them) - you can see the results at

ExpoTor: How important is the creativity in the event planning and why?

David: Its sort of important to be honest - creativity comes AFTER you decide on the outcomes you want to achieve. Many companies make the mistake of having some fancy creative theme and then after they create the theme it limits what kind of results they can achieve. Here is a case study video CeBIT Australia. Favourite show was in Dubai at a show called Gitexx- all the sales team were passionate and we generated more leads than we planned to case study video here . Worst trade show experience was when booked via an entertainment agency- the agency told me nothing about the client - I had to create a sales presentation at the show - entertainment agencies do not understand why a trade show magician is at a trade show.

ExpoTor: Very well said, David. Lots of information is getting lost when booking through third parties. It seems like we are on the right way to build this network marketplace for creative talents like you and smart exhibitors. When attending an event/trade fair what is your strategy for the right exposure "Go Big" or "small is beautiful" - when, what, and why?

David: As a Crowd Builder who has a documented increase in lead generation for my clients of 270% to 600%. It is not the size of your stand. It is how engaging the stand is.You need to be able to do all 3 things: 1: stop attendees, 2: deliver a message that is understandable and memorable 3: collect the leads. All these things have got nothing to do with a large trade show stand. From the best carpet to stand on, to body language, dos and don't at the booth - listening techniques and so much more. What specifically are you after?

ExpoTor: We definitely need more Lead Generators and Traffic Builders like you. And that is true "small is beautiful" - small creative booths are a delight. We see too many exhibitors waiting for visitors to ask sth. instead of having the courage to be proactive. Are you a creative, innovative, and passionate person? Would you offer your services/products for exhibiting companies at trade shows? If not, why? If yes, which one would they be and which win-win situation do you see?

David: All 3. Yes, I would offer my services to exhibitors. 3 years ago I suffered a major disease that kept me from doing that kind of work -8 surgeries later I have finally been healed- so right now it feels like I am starting my business again. I would offer my trade show services again and I would also do free shows if this interests you in some kind of promotion or heavily discounted shows, the more I work the more people see me and I get work out of it. I build a crowd of 50 people at your booth, I then break down the barriers by entertaining them, I incorporate your sales message into the performance so people learn as they are entertained and this is where most entertainers stop. What I also do is start mass qualifying that crowd to separate the real customers from the tire kickers. I also motivate the customers to take some kind of action. You will see this in the video for Gitex.

ExpoTor: David, this is a smart way of thinking - promoting own services through sponsorships/partnerships. Stay tuned this is one of our new features but pssst... we need to keep it secret ;) Is exporting or expanding to another country important for your business? How do you plan for it?

David: Exporting out of Australia is a MUST- the industry is terrible over here so I need to sell to Dubai, USA, and Europe. Being recently healed I am undertaking a large film which should get international exposure for who I am and that should kick start my trade show industry back into full swing.
I guarantee my services so if I have not increased lead generation for the client from the previous year -the client pays nothing- to date I have never failed.

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