Why go to conferences?

Why go to conferences?

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I attend lots of conferences, particularly business, retail, ecommerce or digital conferences. People often believe they are too busy to go to conferences in their industry and I believe they are more valuable than people think.

I am a CEO of The Party People, Australia Largest Party Store selling party supplies, costumes, theme decorations, balloons and more. I am just like everyone else with too many things to do and not enough time but I make time for relevant conferences.

I feel conferences add lot of value for my business and also me personally. There are lots of benefits such as staying on top of trends, technology and concepts as well as building my profile among my peers. The speakers are often great but the most value I get is from the networking. Meeting other business owners (some similar and some very different) that have tackled various problems where I can learn from their experience is extreemly helpful. Often now I call other business owners I have connected with at the conferences whenever I have some kind of problem I think someone else has already solved or to get an opinion on something someone might be experienced in.

Going to conferences is not something you just do once. The more you go to, the more value you get. I have been going to so many I know most of the organizers as well as lots of other industry professionals so I get asked to speak often. Given I speak people more people want to know me so I get better networking at events and so it just keeps getting better an better.

So make sure you get to the next few conferences and meet your peers to learn what you can to shape the priorities of your company. After-all, that's the main responsibility of a CEO.

Dean Salakas
Chief Party Dude
The Party People