Why Tour Guides Are Essential Meeting and Event Teammates by Annemarie Osborne

Why Tour Guides Are Essential Meeting and Event Teammates by Annemarie Osborne

Professional tour guides possess a unique repertoire of people skills and organizational prowess that will elevate your meeting or event.

Your management team will be inspired by their energy and insight. Your guests will know they are respected and valued. You will reap the short- and long-term benefits of creating a world-class experience.

Here are several reasons tour guides make extraordinary meeting and event team members.
1. Tour guides are punctual and reliable.
2. Tour guides are destination experts who know their territories better than anyone.
3. Tour guides are engaging, entertaining storytellers.
4. Tour guides know suppliers and can help you avoid costly mistakes.
5. Tour guides are effective communicators and often speak multiple languages.
6. Tour guides are masters of logistics and itinerary management
7. Tour guides are skilled, nimble problem solvers

Keen foresight is a tour guide hallmark. For example, if your group is convening in a hard-to-find venue, a tour guide will prepare drivers ahead of time so guests are not inconvenienced. Their behind-the-scenes work alone makes them worth their weight in gold. Now consider their ability to connect with virtually any personality type from all walks of life. They are indispensable throughout every meeting and event phase, from planning to execution.

Tour guides are trained to manage many tasks of varying complexity, often simultaneously. You can be confident that they will handle any of the following assignments with aplomb:
1. Location scouting and venue assessment
2. Meeting logistics
3. Booth staff at trade shows or registration tables
4. Assisting attendees in locating desired sessions or venues
5. Meeting and greeting guests
6. Escorting groups on sightseeing or familiarization tours
7. Helping represent your company or brand with professionalism and flair

How can I find experienced professional tour guides? Contact the International Tour Guide Service (ITGS) http://www.itgstravel.com/. Think of ITGS as a talent agency for tour guides. You supply us a description of the assignment. We identify the best fit among our thousands of certified tour guide connections. All ITGS guides are carefully vetted to ensure the highest level of professionalism.

About the author: Annemarie Osborne, ITT, VP and Marketing at The International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) has trained and certified over 8,000 professional tour directors and guides from around the world, many of whom are also available to serve as event staff.

ITGS provides experienced and certified tour guides, tour directors, and cruise and travel staff/meet-and-greet professionals as well as hosts for tour operators for both receptive and foreign inbound tours. We also work with meeting and event planners, travel agents, DMCs, DMOs, incentive companies, and private groups.

With an ITGS tour guide on your management team, your meeting or event will get a head start on the road to success. To learn more, visit:

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