Why Trade Shows Are Still Worth Your Time

Why Trade Shows Are Still Worth Your Time

Author: Julia H. - Company: MyD...

Trade shows have always been a costly way to get your name out there. These days the more affordable options like digital marketing are taking hold. But there are some things which a trade show offers that are hard to get elsewhere. Here’s 5 reasons trade shows are still worth your time.

1) They bring in interested participants
You’re twice as likely to have a conversation that ends in a sale if the customer is looking for what you have to offer. People attending trade shows already have an interest in the things on display and this means they come with the intention to buy.

2) They open the door to useful conversation
Constructive criticism is paramount to success in any venture; business or otherwise. Take the opportunity to be face-to-face with your clients and consumers to find out what they like about your services and what they don’t. This way you’ll know the areas for improvement to focus on in your future business strategy.

3) They cater to large businesses
Netting big ticket clients means being at the kinds of places they shop. Events and marketing teams for big businesses don’t have time to seek out individual pitches. They’d rather get it all in one place and a trade show is the perfect opportunity.

4) You can check out the competition
Treat the trade show as an experience for you to learn just as much as the consumers can. Have a colleague man your booth while you have a wander around the show. Keep an eye on eye-catching stall design ideas for your next show or find booth similar to your own and assess who’s doing it better. If it’s not you, ask yourself how to improve.

5) You can stay up to date on trends
Have you noticed the same buzzwords or tech innovations all over the show? They must be what’s up and coming in your industry. If they weren’t on your radar before it’s a great opportunity to consider how to bring them into your work.

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