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How does the escrow payment work?

Pay the price you negotiateYou pay always the price you see or you negotiate through the messaging system directly with the seller.

ExpoTor-Advantage - Money Protection GuaranteeWe keep your money secure until the service or product is delivered to you and you are satisfied.

Service/product completely delivered - payment released to the sellerAfter the last delivery day, the money is going from the escrow-similar account directly to the seller minus our commission, if no complains. We only accept complains if you keep the conversation though ExpoTor and respect our Terms and Conditions. We use the secure payment provider, Stripe. Who is using Stripe? Amazon, Facebook, and you can find more here:

1. To get more proposals, post your own project request for free using the "I need" form.

2. Complete your profile including you payment data before you want to buy a service/product.

3. Do not forget to review the the seller after work done and invoice sent.

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