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Interpreting Services - VRI/OPI in 100+ languages, 13.06.2018 - 31.12.2018

Price: 80.00 $ per hour


Interpreting Internatiônal is a B2B provider of state-of-the-art, next-generation Interpretation Language Services. Interpreting Internatiônal provides organizations with the ability to communicate 24/7, on-demand, via one platform, in over 250+ languages and allows users to order, manage and track a full suite of Interpretation services.

Our full range of services include; On-demand Telephone Interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting and On-Site Interpreting. Supporting diverse industries ranging from Telehealth to Education.


Interpreting Internatiônal Inc aims to increase global visibility and modernize the language service industry by supporting & growing Interpreters and traditional Interpretation services by constantly leveraging today’s technology via our advanced, yet user-friendly application-based Interpretation Technology Platform Powered by Boostlingo.
We are device agnostic and all you need is a web browser and 2 meg up and down for high quality video and audio.
accessible with a tablet , lap top , smart phone or land line

Venue/location: Global


Simultaneous interpreting and conference technology

Web / Video conferencing / Robotics services

Guide assistance




interperting, over the phone interpreting , video remote interpreting

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